Laboratory Accreditation

accredited testing laboratory
IEC / ISO 17025 Accredited Testing Laboratory

Testing & Calibration

From composites and alloys, forensic sciences and agriculture, construction materials and transportation, through to metallurgy and electronics - your laboratory accreditation against ISO 17025 provides success and confidence to industry.

Providing technical advice and expertise to laboratories at all levels - ensuring the necessary conformity assessment policy documentation and accreditation scope is compliant with market and legislative requirements.

Supporting compliance through the implementation of recognised laboratory Standards for product safety and consumer protection. We provide expertise in support of test and calibration laboratories (ISO 17025 and Nadcap).

Product type approval against UKCA and CE marking are technical requirements developed to facilitate free trade. Removing technical barriers through a process of recognised Standards and MSTQ infrastructure underpins economic development and prosperity.

Technically designing and developing effective MSTQ infrastructure with environmental compliance is our business.

For Nadcap email: nadcap@davidburns.co.uk

High Integrity Accreditation

Ensuring management and technical expertise at all levels of conformity assessment. The cornerstone of our success, is ensuring your compliance.

Delivering consultancy and internal audit services to accredited laboratories (ISO 17025), and also certification bodies (ISO 17021), inspection bodies (ISO 17020) and product certification (ISO 17065) for UKCA, UKNI and CE regulatory requirements. Ensuring continued compliance against national and international institutional trade and Standard norms.

We understand the importance of ILAC and IAF guidance documents for conformity assessment infrastructure.

The effective certification for industry and commerce – underpinning product compliance, trade facilitation and consumer protection by technically supporting accredited laboratory testing and calibration.

Explaining and then enhancing harmonised Standards in the context of your organisation, with the aim of removing technical barriers to trade for the free movement of goods and services - is what we do.

For more information or technical support against the ISO 17000 series of Standards email: info@davidburns.co.uk

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